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Service, Repair & Parts


We can carry out all service and repairs for Royal Enfield including engine and gearbox re-builds.


Affordable servicing carried out with the care and attention to detail. Keeping your motorcycle serviced correctly will not only make it a better ride, it will also make it last longer. Affordable hourly rates for maintenance work to fix specific faults and modifications to improve or enhance your ride.


We service and repair most other makes of classic motorcycle. Please give us a call to enquire about your bike.


Our Full Service Package Includes:

Change Engine Oil and Filter

Change Gearbox Oil (5 speed only)

Change Primary Drive Oil and Adjust Primary Drive Chain

Check and Adjust Clutch

Clean and Gap or Replace Spark Plug

Check and Adjust Valve Clearance

Check and Set Ignition Points and Timing (points models only)

Adjust Idle Speed and Throttle Cable Free Play

Clean Air Filter (paper type only)

Replace Air Filter (clean and reinstall if K&N fitted)

Check all Critical Fasteners

Check Operation of Electrical Components, Lights, Indicators, Etc.

Clean and Grease all Bulbs

Lubricate all Brake, Clutch, Throttle Lever and Pivot Points

Lubricate and Adjust Wheel Spokes

Check Condition of Tyres and Adjust Pressure

Check and Adjust Steering Head Stock Bearings

Lubricate all Cables

Replace Brake Fluid in Disc Brakes

Check Lube and Adjust Chain

Apply Anti Corrosion Fluid to all Vulnerable Areas, Seams, Etc

Change Fork Oil


We also carry out all types of repair work using genuine replacement parts.

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